Complexe call workflow


I am looking for a system which can

  1. generate a phone number on the fly (or take it on a pool)
  2. when the client “A” call this number he will heard a little message first
  3. during this message, we call a final number (client “B”)
  4. final number (client “B”) pick up the phone he will heard a quick message
  5. and finally client “A” call will be transfert to client “B”

So client “B” is an outside number not on our infrastructure.
We just need to foward client “A” to client “B” but in order to explain to client “B” why he received call from client “A” we need a little introduction message.

Is it possible to do that with asterisk ?

Short answer: YES. You will need to test for one week at least but yeah that is doable.


All depend on your Asterisk skills, but an easy way could be the use of local channel