Answering service from client mobiles

I’m looking to start a service answering calls made to clients mobile numbers and was wondering if Asterisk is something that can handle that kind of thing?

IE say I had 10 clients they need to be able to switch their phones over to my service whenever they need to. I then need to be able to see the details of which client the call was for (ideally being able to pull up their database record automatically).

I’ve seen other systems which all seem to involve having a new number for each client whereas in this instance they need to use their existing numbers.

Any advice on whether Asterisk would be able to do all (or any) of this would be appreciated.

You have to consider the complete system, including the network by which the calls arrive. If that network provides the required information, you can probably implement parts of it in Asterisk

You need to have as many incoming calling numbers as your clients. Every client forwards his calls to their specific number, then in asterisk you can manipulate the calls for each number and display to your agent whatever information you want. You can achieve this with a FreePBX installation.