Link to pjproject has changed

during my “./configure”-installation of asterisk-16 on my QNAP TS-469L there are an error: “patch is required to configure bundled pjproject”.
The link from your Wiki ( to pjproject dosn’t exist. The new version is 2.8. in a changed path.

The using of --with-external-cache dosn’t function. I try the Version 2.8 and 2.6, whereas I had to make the md5-hash for V2.6 by myself (with MD5FileHasher.exe under Windows).

What can I do to install asterisk completely?

Rainer Rogge

The error is stating that the “patch” utility is required in order to use bundled as we apply our own patches.

As for the link - it works fine for me, but a new one could certainly be used.

That’s it! “patch” was missed… Thank you! :grinning:

But yet it stopt at “Please install the ‘libedit’ development package” and opkg can’t find it on

That’s a required dependency for the CLI interface.