Compilation problems with Zaptel

Hello guys,

I am trying to install asterisk on a VPS i just got.
the OS on the Vps is Slackware 10.1
the command uname -r produces the following result.

root@gk_olajide-42% uname -a
Linux gk_olajide 2.6.15-vs2.0.1-gentoo-r5-64 #7 SMP Fri Jun 30 19:44:07 GMT 2006 x86_64 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

I am trying to install the zaptel software and when I run the make command, it gives me the following errors…

root@gk_olajide-45% make
Makefile:176: target `ztdummy.o’ given more than once in the same rule.
cc -I. -Iinclude -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG="/etc/zaptel.conf" -c -o gendigits.o gendigits.c
cc1: sorry, unimplemented: 64-bit mode not compiled in
make: *** [gendigits.o] Error 1

I have checked the forums, still checking anyway for any help. Would appreciate any help rendered.


1)Try te asterisk users list:
2)People have had problems with ZTDUMMY on vps before. It seems that you have to have the zaptel modules installed on the VPS machine’s host.

You should look at get a VM not VPS hosted someplace

You will have much better luck

I think the rates are higher (40.00 a month for low end, is what my hosting provider charges I think…I use their hosting in the data center and I built the AAH images for them) ask about a centos 4.3 with Asterisk Pre_installed if you like…they also can do a AAH 2.8 full updated asterisk and zaptel 1.2.3 I think…they can fired up a AAH 2.8 in less than hour in most cases…