Help compiling zaptel

Hi. I am new to Asterisk and we decided here in my company to setup a system. I have started some tutorials and i am trying to install-compile asterisk but without success. I am stuck in the compilation phase of zaptel. I did some googling but i havent found anything useful yet. If you could give me a hand i would appreciated. Here is my output:

make linux26
-p: not found
chkconfig: not found
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"   -c -o gendigits.o gendigits.c
cc -o gendigits gendigits.o -lm
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"    makefw.c   -o makefw
./makefw tormenta2.rbt tor2fw > tor2fw.h
Loaded 69900 bytes from file
./makefw pciradio.rbt radfw > radfw.h
Loaded 42096 bytes from file
ZAPTELVERSION="1.2.4" build_tools/make_version_h > version.h.tmp
if cmp -s version.h.tmp version.h ; then echo; else \
		mv version.h.tmp version.h ; \

rm -f version.h.tmp
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"   -c -o ztcfg.o ztcfg.c
cc -c -fPIC -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\" -DBUILDING_TONEZONE -o zonedata.lo zonedata.c
cc -c -fPIC -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\" -DBUILDING_TONEZONE -o tonezone.lo tonezone.c
ar rcs libtonezone.a zonedata.lo tonezone.lo
cc -o ztcfg ztcfg.o libtonezone.a -lm
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"   -c -o torisatool.o torisatool.c
cc -o torisatool torisatool.o
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"   -c -o ztmonitor.o ztmonitor.c
ztmonitor.c: In function ‘main’:
ztmonitor.c:360:11: warning: ignoring return value of ‘write’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result
ztmonitor.c:362:11: warning: ignoring return value of ‘write’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result
cc -o ztmonitor ztmonitor.o
cc -o ztspeed.o -c ztspeed.c
cc -o ztspeed ztspeed.o
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"    zttest.c   -o zttest
cc -I. -O4 -g -Wall -DBUILDING_TONEZONE   -m64 -DSTANDALONE_ZAPATA -DZAPTEL_CONFIG=\"/etc/zaptel.conf\"   -c -o fxotune.o fxotune.c
In file included from /usr/include/fcntl.h:252:0,
                 from fxotune.c:22:
In function ‘open’,
    inlined from ‘main’ at fxotune.c:352:12:
/usr/include/bits/fcntl2.h:51:24: error: call to ‘__open_missing_mode’ declared with attribute error: open with O_CREAT in second argument needs 3 arguments
make: *** [fxotune.o] Error 1

Thanks in advance

Zaptel is obsolete. Throw it away an use Dahdi instead. Also try to work out why you thought you needed Zaptel.

It is not really worth debugging this, given that you are using obsolete code, but I get the impression that your default compilation options are somewhat paranoid.

For a new install, you shoud have at least version of Asterisk, of dahdi-linux and 2.4.1 of DAHDI tools. Zaptel should be nowhere in sight.

:-s … well i was just following the instructions from this site:

So far i have opened three to four tutorials and they all mention to compile zaptel…I will follow your suggestion.

Thanks for the replay

p.s Can you point me to a proper tutorial? … PGRADE.txt … 1.2/README … -DAHDI.txt