Cloning HDD with Asterisk 1.4 using Acronis


I have a noisy 60GB HDD so I’ve cloned the 60GB HDD to a 40GB HDD using Acronis.

Then booted using a Knoppix Live CD and changed the GRUB loader options.

->find /grub/stage1
->root (hd0,0)
->setup (hd0)

System booted fine untill Asterisk loads and refuses to start.

Any ideas?


Are there any error messages that are displayed during system start or if you manually try to start Asterisk?

There are quite a few. They begin as soon as GRUB loads Cent-OS, so i imagine ive gotten it wrong and its a problem with Cent-OS

The errors are many. They seem to be moving through sectors and repeating the following three lines.

ide: failed opcode was: unknown
end_request: I/O error, dev hda sector 76613985
hda:read_intr: error = 0x10

It then fails to mount the file system. Does this help?

Are you sure the drive is in r/w mode ?

Kind of a newbie at this. How would i put it in r/w mode?

I was assuming if the orginal drive was ok this one would be too. It cloned fine, so from the BIOS side you can r/w to it, is this what you mean?