Cant load RH after loading AsteriskNow

Hi all
I came across an unwanted proliant DL360 (G1 I think) and decided to load AsteriskNow to have a play.
No prob all loaded fine.
I now want to put it back to a Linux server but cant load any of the open software on it any more.
I used the Compaq smart start disk to erase the server and start a fresh but to no avail.
Fedora starts with errors and tries to load but just hangs eventually.
Red Hat 4.6 AS starts to load then halts displaying 'hdc: lost inturpt’
Ubuntu seems to load but on a reboot the machine displays 'No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key '
I used the Compaq smart start disk to erase the server and tried to load AsteriskNow and it loads fine, no problem.

So in loading AsteriskNow Somthing must have changed?

Any ideas would be most helpfull please

Test the hard drive. Use the System Rescue CD and run badblocks on it. If it’s failing then it’ll soon tell you!

If you REALLY want to wipe the hard drive then issue the following command from the SR CD command prompt:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=8

Which will completely flatten the partition table and the first 8M of the disk (making sure nothing can interfere with a reinstall). After that, you should be good to go. Note that SR CD is built on Gentoo Linux and refers to the first hard drive as sda even if it’s an IDE drive.