Uncompressing linux... Ok, booting the kernel


I’ve installed Asterisk Now but it never worked.
When i turn on the computer it block’s on:

“Uncompressing linux… Ok, booting the kernel”

I really don’t know what to do because i’m a newbie. I’ve been looking here and Google but no solutions found.
Any suggestions please?!

What version of linux u r using?

what are the specs of the PC your are running on (brand/model, cpu, disk, ram, nic, etc)

Did the PC work before you installed AsteriskNOW?

Were there any errors during the install?

Did you check the MD5 hash of the iso you downloaded before burning it to a CD to verify the download wasn’t corrupt?

Did you do a disk check as part of the installation (actually not positive AsteriskNOW prompts for this).

Asterisk 1.4.21.
The computer is a HP Dual Core and it was working with windows.
I’ve installed the same Asterisk in a notebook and it worked fine.
Maybe hardware problem’s… :cry: