Asterisk strange starting problem

My Asterisk did work for month without any problems. Now it does not work properly:
When it starts as a service, just like always, it does not load any module and it does not write any logfile (despite of useless queues.log). The logger.conf ist set to ‘full’.
So it does start the core and I can connect to CLI, but when I type ‘sip reload’ or ‘dialplan reload’ it says ‘No such command…’.
But when I start it manually with asterisk -cvvvvvddd everything works just fine. The logfiles are written, the modules are loaded and, most important, my phone works.
Strange behaviour!
It happened after I worked on the extensions, I already commented my changes out -without any effect. The only thing, that happened at the time the error occured, was an update by certbot.
Does anybody have an idea how to debug the error? It’s very hard to do this with just no logfile.
Thanks for reading, Uwe

Fixed this issue.
I did change the owner of the config files and then back again. Seems I did it wrong.
When I changed owner to asterisk everything worked fine.

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