Cisco SPA509G BLF

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I have several cisco SPA509G’s running the latest firmware 7.4.8a, what i am trying to do is get the BLF buttons working. I have an older model and that works fine, but these new ones i cant get going. I am using Trixbox 2.8

Under my phone tab i have
Exension: Disabled
Shared Call Appearance: Private
Extended Function: nc=sd+blf+cp;sub=201@;ext=201
Short Name: Reception

I can see them on the screen, the light is not lit up, but if i press it, then it dials the number. I cant quite figure out whats going on, maybe somebody can help me or point me in the right direction. I did note that on my older phone i had to set the server type to Asterisk, but i dont seem to have that option / it has moved some where?

After google for hours i posted this, and dont you know it, after another few mins after i posted i found the answer!

Go to Attendant Console > Server Type on the right > Select Asterisk and hey presto!

Hi Jezh,

The following documents would have helped you get your SPA50x configured faster. I figured that I’d post them here to help others who find this via search engines:
This document describes how to configure BLF with a SPA500S:
The information can also be used for a phone without a SPA500S, just edit the phone’s Voice tab > Phone tab > Line Key N > Extended Function: field instead of the Voice tab > Attendant Console > Unit X Key N: field.

You must always, even if you don’t use a SPA500S, edit the:
• Voice tab > Attendant Console > Server Type: Asterisk
• Voice tab > Attendant Console > Attendant Console Call Pickup Code: *8 [by Asterisk default]

This document describes some Asterisk-related BLF troubleshooting:



Patrick Born | Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) – Cisco SPA SIP Endpoints
Use this reference document to locate SPA phone resources:

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the assist. :smile: