Cisco SPA 5xx BLF Call Pickup with Asterisk 13.7.2

Just to save anyone else the 6+ hrs I’ve just spent on this…

BLF + Call pickup, in fact call pickup alone (without BLF or speed dial function) from the line keys or attendant console on Cisco SPA phones (firmware 7.6.1) would not work at all, unless the System Type was set to Broadsoft, and the extended function given both the sub=extn#@$PROXY and the ext=extn#@$PROXY (or you can say usr= instead of ext=, they are synonymous with each other).

Directed Call Pickup would not work (would not work with the # in the call pickup code), unless it was set like:


and system type was set to Broadsoft (not Asterisk).
The Call Pickup Code was set to **# then, and it works finally!

Hope this helps in future.


I discovered that this is a PJSIP thing.
chan_sip works as per everything else you will read on the Internet.

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I got this after spend a few hours too … thanks to @carlfarrington I didn’t spend even more.
I can confirm that this works in a SPA 504G with 7.6.2d Firmware


It works with Broadsoft and with Asterisk too (in Attendant Keys) as long as you respect the chain: