Cisco CP7945G with Asterisk 1.6 Freepbx help needed pleaseee

Dear all

i have a bounch of cisco cp-7945G phones, i have ready many wikies for step by step guides for my asterisk to support with these phones based on SIP or SCCP but failed i dont know what to do i have upgrade the phone firmware to the latest which is sccp 9.2 and sip 9.2 but i dont know why its not working

im realy stacked i need help please guide me or send me some links to solve my problem

please pelaseeeeeeeeeeeee i have read many topics about the cisco phones i have done what ever config was needed but failed and dont know what to do can any body help me please.

my skype id is wais.farzam and my email id is wais.farzam at

regards to all good replys

What you see in Asterisk console?
Do you see attempts for registrations?