Cisco 8851 not getting incomming calls (goes to voicemail) but can make outgoing calls

I’m looking for help.
Got a problem with my CP-8851 which is this config here : pastebin . com / 2JQ1gkCq.
I can make internal calls but not receive them (they are redirected directly to my voice mail)
DND isn’t active.
I don’t know what to do…
Any idea ?
You got my logs of Asterisk : pastebin . com / deqmHe6d
Many thanks to whoever will help me

This appears to be FreePBX, not raw Asterisk, which means there are 100s of lines of diaplan, one of which is diverting it to voicemail, but the actual condition tested isn’t visible from the log.

My initial assumption would be that the destination device has failed to register; that wouldn’t stop it making calls.

FreePBX peer support can be found at

This is on the FreePBX forum at Cisco 8851 Can't receive PJSIP incomming calls, but can make - Endpoints - FreePBX Community Forums

Actually yes it’s the same post here and on FreePbx Community forum. thought people could help me here too…
3 days that i can’t find any answer to my specific problem…

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