Calls went to Voicemail

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I am able to dial calls from Cisco IP Phone.
Cisco 7940 boots up and get registered from server located in cloud. (Asterisk 13).
But when I dial the same extension 200 from the phone instead of ringing,calls went to voicemail.
I have captured packets via wireshark.
Output is below. I am using Cisco 6509 as NAT device.

INVITE SDP (g729 telephone-event
404 Not Found

You may have captured the packets, but they contain a lot more than you have presented. Also, in general, it is much easier for people to use the packet traces from Asterisk, not from third party software, as they are interleaved with other logging information, if captured properly (google “asterisk wiki debug” for more information).

Asterisk will only send things to its voicemail if you have configured it to do so. if it is sending to voicemail, we would need to see your dialplan.

It is not clear whether the summary trace is for the inbound call to Asterisk or the outbound one from it. In the former case, it is probably something upstream of Asterisk that is sending the call to voicemail, and the Asterisk logs should provide more information on why Asterisk is returning number not found.

In the latter you would need to investigate why the system downstream of Asterisk was returning number not found. Knowing the number that was in the INVITE would be rather helpful, which is one reason why the summary isn’t of much use.

Hi David
This is the output. Can you please check. I have changed the Cisco Router. Inbound and outbound are working fine with the Old Cisco Router but with Cisco 6509 I am facing the issue.

That’s still a summary and doesn’t indicate which leg.

See rg/wiki/display/AST/Collecting+Debug+Information

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