Can't receive incoming calls

I cannot seem to receive any incoming calls. Here is what happens when I try to call our number:

Ok I deleted the DID route for the number with the 1 on it and I removed context= from incoming settings and instead of 503 I was getting Error 481. When I put the context back in I was getting 503 again. However, when I tried to remove the context again it would not go back to 481. I’m so confused.

Posting dozens of lines of log-type material like that is not a good idea - unless someone suggests you post it. For a start it’s very tedious reading through it and working out what’s going on - and most likely nobody’s going to bother.

The best thing to do is to explain your problem in the most detail you can, while keeping it reasonably easy to read. Then people will probably take the time to read it. Say what you’ve tried in your efforts to work out what the problem is, what research you’ve done to try and help yourself, what the results of your efforts have been.

Nobody like reading log-type stuff - especially when there hasn’t been an explanation of what the problem is beforehand!

“I can’t seem to receive incoming calls isn’t an explanation”. Where are the calls coming from? How are they coming? Via the internet? Via SIP? Via IAX2? Through an ISDN line? Through a phone line, using a TDM400P? Is anybody actually calling you???

We are trying to receive calls from our VoIP provider. It’s on a SIP connection so the calls are going from PSTN to their network to our Asterisk box and then something is getting lost there.

The connection is authenticated by IP address. I have managed to get the outgoing trunk setup by using the Broadvoice howto as a guide (however, my settings are far different from the guide).

From what I can tell, our Asterisk box just doesn’t know what to do with the call or doesn’t authenticate our provider and drops the call.

Being an Asterisk newbie, I cannot offer any help in correcting your problem.

I can however, state that I have had the same issues (also with Broadvoice) for the past week. We are not relying on the connection for actual calls (thankfully), it’s just a test and development environment.

I contacted Broadvoice last week after we lost the ability to transfer DTMF tones across to the PBX once the call was connected. I saw in the mailing lists that someone else had the same problem and it originated with Broadvoice. They (BV) had me reassign our IP connection to a different proxy for testing and then back again to our original. After that, whenever we try to dial inbound on the Broadvoice number to our Asterisk, it will not connect at all! I can watch the Asterisk and see no incoming connections, even though it “rings” on their end and connects to some type of voicemail application. (I believe this is the default vm provided by Broadvoice.) Before, we would hear out auto attendant message instantly on the Asterisk as soon as we dialed in on the Broadvoice number.

I’m sure they have us authenticated on the correct proxy server as outbound dialing still works fine.

Just my input, I’m still waiting for their engineering department to return my phone calls as to the status of my ticket.