Cisco 7960G SIP version 9.4 Registering hangs

So I can get my phone to register and working just fine with 8.5.4 but when I try the latest version 9.4.2 it just hangs on registering. I have a feeling my version 8 SEPMACADDRESS.cnf.xml is bogus for version 9. When I use the exact same xml config, just updating the version number, it’s like it hangs on Registering and it doesn’t even attempt to connect to the Asterisk server. I can even do a tcpdump on the asterisk server and nothing comes in on 5060 from the phone IP.

Has anyone ran across this? Does anyone have a good working SEPMACADDRESS.cnf.xml that works with the latest version 9.4.2?

I don’t think you are talking about (at least core) Asterisk. Asterisk never had versions like 8.5.4 or 9.4.2.
If you are talking about some GUI on top of the Asterisk then you should raise the issue with them.

Sorry, that’s the version of SIP software I’m running on my Cisco 7961G. I’m running Asterisk 13.18.2 to connect it up to and trying to get the Cisco phone SIP software version 9.x to work with it. I can only get up to the latest version of 8.5.4 to work with it.

Bump Just checking to see if anyone has seen this issue?