Cisco 7962 with 9.2+ firmware

I’ve been trying to get these 7962 phones to work on a 1.4.4 Asterisk server. Most of the information I have found on the phone from searching the forums is for 9.1.x firmware. Currently Cisco only offers 9.2 and 9.3, 9.1 requires a support contract (maybe because it’s the only version that seems to work with Asterisk). With 9.3 the phone would not register at first, i thin kthis was a NAT setting. On 9.3 the phone could be called but it wouldn’t dial out. With 9.2 the phone will register but then keeps trying to pull the config files again and again. it looks like Asterisk sees it as being registered but then the phone is looking for a confirmation that it doesn’t get so it starts trying to register again.

Has anyone had luck with 9.2 or 9.3 with the 7962G? If not because the configs do not seem to work 100% can someone point me in the direction of 9.1?

Asterisk 1.4.4