Cisco 7940g can't register into trixbox


I have a trixbox(2.8) setup and softphone has not problem to register in and function. However the 7940g that I have just can’t get the registration part through. firmeware is SIP 8.11. It loaded the firmware and configuration into the phone. But it always show a little cross besides the phone which means not registered properly. When I call it will just show INV. and I checked the /var/log/asterisk/full log, “No matching peer” messages shows everytime the phone tries to register.

I have struggled for couple days. Can anybody shine some light on it.

Thank you!


Sounds like you don’t have an entry in sip.conf for the phone that matches the credentials the phone’s trying to use to register.

Tried the Trixbox forums?

Luckily I figured it out.

Once I changed the NAT to no for the extension, it registered like a charm.

However I am still confused with the NAT setting all over the place - extension, phone, general.

BTW, do you know any Trixbox forum?


The NAT setting is described in the sample sip.conf configuration file.

There’s a trixbox forum at the trixbox website.