Choose queue

Hi, if 1 user is member of several queues, is there any way to choose what queue log in? (i mean: if he does not be available for all queues but only for 1, for example)



Using dynamic members you specify the queue when the login, its part of the addqueue member application.

[quote] -= Info about application ‘AddQueueMember’ =-

Dynamically adds queue members

Dynamically adds interface to an existing queue.
If the interface is already in the queue and there exists an n+101 priority
then it will then jump to this priority. Otherwise it will return an error
The option string may contain zero or more of the following characters:
‘j’ – jump to +101 priority when appropriate.
This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:
AQMSTATUS The status of the attempt to add a queue member as a
text string, one of
Example: AddQueueMember(techsupport|SIP/3000)


I did not understand

Let me explain with an example:

We have 2 queues:

tech support
install support

John enter the office, and he’s member of all queues, but at this moment he’d like to be envolved only in install calls, not in tech support call.

If he digit *10 (our code to login on queues) he simply is logged in all queues, but it’s not what i want.

Is there any way to have *10 to login the 1st queue, *20 to login the 2nd and … so on?