[RESOLVED] Voicemail works, but no keypad input from phones

I’ve got lines working:


5021 => 1234,Michael Tracey,email@site.com


exten => 5000,1,VoicemailMain2

But when I dial into voicemail I get prompted for extension and password. I try to enter these (on a zyxel sip phone), and Asterisk doesn’t see my input:

-- Executing VoiceMailMain2("SIP/5021-7c7f", "") in new stack
-- Playing 'vm-login' (language 'en')
-- No username but # key pressed. Using CID '8286585021'
-- Playing 'vm-password' (language 'en')
-- Incorrect password '' for user '8286585021' (context = <any>)
-- Playing 'vm-incorrect-mailbox' (language 'en')

Any ideas why everything seems to be working, except tone input from the phone? If I set up a voicemail box with no password, and a line that dumps me into voicemail for that box, I can get in, but can’t make any menu options, as Asterisk still doesn’t get input from the phone. (I can leave voicemail for other extensions, so the phones function).

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


Fixed the problem by setting the phones to dtmfmode=inband instead of dtmfmode=rfc2833 in sip.conf and changing the dtmf settings to inband(rfc2833) on the zyxel phones.

My sound quality went way down, but the phones now can send tones to asterisk.


Can’t fix my quality problems while in inband mode. Anyone know how to get better quality out of inband mode? I can’t find much information about the technical differences between the dtmf modes. Any other settings I should try?