Chanspy not working for whisper or barge

We are trying to use the chanspy feature as outlined here:

And everything is working except for the fact that the agent can’t hear our whisper when we press 5 or 6. I know that DTMF is working because when I press # I can hear the volume go up and down as intended.

I dug a little and saw that someone had an issue with it with PJSIP, and we are also using PJSIP. I haven’t downgraded to CHAN_SIP to test just yet. Just wanted to know if there was something else we can check for first.

We are on 16.15.1

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There are some debug tools

Enable the DTMF debug on the logger.conf file.

Enable rtp debug (rtp set debug on )

Thank you. I did run a rtp debug and these are the results: is the trunk that we dial out to for outbound calls is the extension trying to whisper is the extension to be listened in on and whispered to

You can see in the debug log that it is registering the DTMF tones when pressed by

The RTP looks the same before or after we press 5 to whisper.

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