ChanSpy in 1.4.0 buggy

When doing a ChanSpy on an extension, i am having issues where Asterisk will stop responding and I have to shut it down and restart it, and other quirky behaviour by this application

First Case
Sip/199 calls Sip/119 : they are in a call… I call in from Sip/118 and initialize ChanSpy(SIP/199,wq) everything seems to work fine. If I hangup Sip/118 asterisk stops responding ( the call that is bridged is ok, it just never fires SIP/118 as hanging up) … But if I try calling into the Asterisk machine , there is no response. I have to stop and restart asterisk.

Second Case:
I call a DID that gets routed to Sip/199… I show Sip/199 in a call, so I use Sip/118 to once again call ChanSpy(SIP/199,wq) Only now when I do this, the outside line gets hung up and SIP/199 can hear me , but I can hear no audio on Sip/118

Has anyone ran into a similiar problem and if so were you able to resolve it. I desperately need to be able to Coach an active SIP channel.

Any information you need to help in this,let me know.

This is my extensions_custom.conf entry:

exten => s,1,ChanSpy(SIP/199,wq)

PM one of the bug marshals on IRC ( #asterisk). You can also post a bug report @ (I believe is the URL). I personally have not switched over to 1.4 because of some of the complaints.

It was buggy even in 1.2. When it locks up like that after using it, attach with gdb and generate a core dump. Then post this on

  • you will need recompile Asterisk without optimizations.
  1. Follow the section “Tips for Asterisk 1.4” here:

  2. The when Asterisk isn’t responding do:
    gdb /usr/sbin/asterisk pid_of_asterisk

If you attach to Asterisk it will tell you what pid it’s running on.

  1. When you are in gdb do:
    gcore /root/asterisk.core

  2. Post the bug and upload the asterisk.core file to the bug tracker.

thank you very much for the replies.

Also , I was just looking into what I need to do to get a dump of what happened, so you couldnt have been more helpful haha. Thank you!