ChanSpy and hung channel

Occasionally we are having channels hang during a chanspy. One example being we have a softphone app, the app can issue a chanspy against an agent then if the softphone were to crash or go crazy we exit the program. If the task is killed it leaves the channel up. Issuing a “hangup request” does not clear the channel. How can we clear this channel? Hangup the call or any of the above?

Hi We used to have the same problem on softphones as well.

We use … meout.html

this works really well, no hung channels since implimented

I can see what you mean on this, but is there a more direct way to end the call somehow? I can see this causing an issue if we are trying to listen to the call for an extended period of time, say greater than 5 minutes. Some of our calls are 30+ minutes which is why I think I need a more practical approach to the issue.

Unless I am missing some special argument which this can be used with?


You state

so in this case you cant do anything graceful

As I said we had this problem and have cured it. we set the time out at 60 minsso cutoffs arnt an issue.

A Hung channel is a hung channel,