Anyway to end a SIP call without restarting?

I had a couple of calls (SIP -> ZAP) on my system that were left open for whatever reason. I tried hanging up the channel using “soft hangup” as well as “destroying” the zap channel, niether of which ended the SIP leg of the call. I even physically unplugged the phone for over an hour… Any ideas?

if you use soft hangup, remember to add the ,a flag to hang up all calls on a resource


exten => 1234,1,SoftHangup(SIP/1234-3b32) ; (hangs up a particular call)
exten => 1234,1,SoftHangup(SIP/1234,a) ; (hangs up all calls going through SIP/1234)

if it only happened once it could have been a ‘flutter’, i know a few systems of mine did that on older 1.2 revisions…

I will add to what IronHelix says. I have a few clients that once in a while asterisk does not recieve the “hangup statement” from the ITSP and the line hangs. You can either log in from time to time and see if there are any such calls and kill them yourself or you can set a limit on the sip channel how long asterisk should hang up if it hears no audio. Have a look at: … tecthangup

Thanks… I’ll have to try out the silence detect.