How can i hang up

i have a problem that when i call from sip to zap or zap to sip the channel doesnt destroy only when sip i mean when soft phone user end the call only then the channel destry and when zap channel end the call the channel doesnt destroy the line remain busy for a while and asterisk also show no hangup i use simple hanuup application as well as softhangup
plzz tell how can i hangup the call whenever a agent end the conversation
plzzz tell me the solution

plzzz use puncuation and correct spelling, it makes things easier to read :confused:

post the relevant portions of your extensions.conf, you should be able to hang up a line by calling the hangup command at the end of a priority list, like so.

exten => 1,Dial(SIP/101)
exten => 2,Hangup

soory for my grammer and punctuation actually the channel oent destroy when we establish call b/w zap and sip . when zap ends the call the line remain busy for 20-30sec

my extension.conf file is

exten => 100,1,wait()
exten => 100,2,Answer()
exten => 100,3,Dial(sip/Umer)
exten => 100,4,Handup()

but this doesnt wotk

can you post your zapata.conf for me?

channel => 1

channel => 4


How about

exten => 100,4,Hangup()

instead of

exten => 100,4,Handup()


plzzz tell me the answer i am really woory plzz tell me the problem and tell the solution its urgent

PLEASE stop saying PLZZZ!!!

have you fixed the typo in your dial plan yet?

yes sir i have fix the problem its just a typing mistake the problem is still there

where are you located? perhaps this is a regional thing - i don’t see a problem with your zapata config, but i’m in the USA…

i am also in USA

you’re connected via a standard POTS line on channel 4, and looks like that card is also connected to an analog phone on channel 1, correct?

EDIT - by analog phone, i mean your local phone. you have your incoming POTS line on channel 4 and your internal analog phone on channel 1…?

yes i have the same configuration

i hate to do this, but try adding ‘callprogess=yes’ to your zapata.conf ABOVE the channel definitions. you’ll need to restart asterisk for this to take effect (not just a reload, a complete restart). it MIGHT help.

also, take out switchtype, you don’t need it (it shouldn’t be affecting things, but you never know).

if both of those don’t work, try changing your signalling for channel 4 to fxs_ls. most likely you need kewlstart, but loopstart might work.

After fixing the typo, did you reload the configuration / restart asterisk?