Channel issue between asterisk server

hi good evening to all of you,

i am facing issue when i ma using IAX, SIP, PRI same time . for R & D i am using 3 asterisk server A, B,C. server A is connected with PRI (30 channel) server B and A is connected by IAX , so my question is that we we create sip account on asterisk C and send 15 call then total number of channel will be 30 or 15 , bcoz when i send 15 call from server c by sip account at a time to server B and and server B is using IAX to send call from server A and when i am using "core show channels verbose " command , it is showing 30 channel active channel and 15 active calls on server B …so there is a humble request to you please specify this asap…when we use IAX and Pri for calls exchange then number of channel will be double or i am going to wrong way …please help me in this matter

A channel is a flow of communication from something to Asterisk. A call refers to both an inbound channel and an outbound channel. If you have a call involving a PRI channel and a SIP channel, then that is 2 channels but 1 call.

“Server” C doesn’t appear to be connected to anything, so I don’t see how SIP calls use IAX or PRI.

In any case, why does it matter? You are using a very small number of channels in terms of what is possible and there are no licence fees.

so sir according to you we will call 15 call at a time if we use single pri ? or if we want to call all 30 channel then their is any possible way ? as per communication flow you are right but if we wanna use all 30 channel of pri then what will be better way to use pri and sip by using IAX

I’ve defined what channel and call means within the context of Asterisk, you’d need to apply that to your specific scenario.

If you have 15 PRI channels connected to 15 SIP channels, that would be 30 channels and 15 calls.
If you have 20 PRI channels connected to 20 SIP channels, that would be 40 channels and 20 calls.

Those calls are two party calls where both parties are connected via PRI It is valid for the steady state, but additional PRI resources may be taken by incoming but not connected, calls and by calls that have not fully cleared down.

ok sir , in india one PRI have 30 voice channel so if we send 15 call from sip to pri connected asterisk server then all 30 channel will occupied and we can send only 15 call only in this situation and we send more than 15 then call will be in congested .am i right ?

No you are not correct.

Like with many of your questions, I feel you do not have an adequate understanding of the technology to be trying to use it. You need to hire someone with telephony expertise.

david sr i am asking question i know technology but in case of IAX i am confusing and i am asking you b;coz you all are expert and i am beginner, so there is humble request to you Please help me for resolving this issue …thanks in advance

Hi Dear All,

What is the best method to exchange calls from one asterisk server to other with less channel utilization ? suppose we have 30 channel one server A (PRI)and we have 30 channel (sip) server B and we wanna send all 30 calls of server A to B .In this configuration how many outgoing calls can be sent…