Inbound / Outbound SIP

So this is probably a newbie question, but let me set up the scenario:

So my agents are often doing multi-line dialing, so I may on an outbound scenario have 3 agents each making 3 calls, which is 9 SIP channels, but when they are on a call, I have 6 idel channels.

The question is if I can use those 9 total channels for both inbound as well as outbound calls on asterisk, or if I need dedicated SIP inbound versus outbound channels?

Knowing the answer will greatly clarify how many channels I will need to get.

Thanks in advance!

Asterisk itself does not care about such things. The concept of “channels” like that are a property of the provider you are using.

You will have to ask who is providing those channels, as Asterisk has no concept of SIP channels as limited resources or only being available in one direction.


What drove the question quite honestly was that I noticed in a set up video that it appeared the inbound and outbound trunks were set up separately, making me think there might be something in the system that was designed to separate the two directions of calls.

I guess that is just redundant in how things are set up? Or maybe that’s just because some people use different services for each direction?

That seems a common practice. There is probably a good reason for it, but I don’t know what it is. Often you can end up with incoming calls matching the outgoing entry!