Core show channels verbose

does anyone has a concrete understanding of the active calls in the core show channels?


if i have 100 SIP extentions and receiving inbound calls. should the active calls be 100 also or more or less?

hope someone can enlighten me. I have use google to find answers for this but havent found one yet.

If you have incoming capacity for 100 calls, you receive 100 instantaneous calls, there have been no changes for some time, and each call is directed to a local SIP device, there should be 200 channels,

If you receive 100 calls and they all go to voice announcements, you should have 100 active channels.

If you have one incoming call, which goes to one extension, but that is linked to all 100 local SIP devices, you should have 101 active channels until someone answers, then two.

For more details, the source code for core show channels is in main/cli.c

What is your real problem? Please use Asterisk Support for support questions.

Thank you David,

the main problem is that, i have X number of extensions but the active call goes beyond the X number of extensions.

I dont have a trunk as what you’ve mention below.

will look into the cli.c

Local channels or channels that are running the h extension/failed call processing could cause the number of channels to exceed the number of single channel devices. SIP devices are not single channel. Even if an attempt to create a second channel to one is rejected quickly, the channel will still exist for a short time (longer with some more exotic options).

You need to look at the full list of channels and see what they actually represent.

NB in Asterisk terms, the number of extensions is irrelevant, it is the number of devices that matters, and then only if they can only handle one call at a time.