Channel.h file not found in asterisk 18.1

Hello Team,
I just installed asterisk 18.1 with Centos 8, working fine.

I also need to install TTS cepstral, app-swift.
Here i need channel.h , which is located at /usr/include/asterisk/ in older version.
I don’t find /usr/include/asterisk in my new version 18.1.
pls guide.

 * Asterisk headers are no longer installed and uninstalled automatically when
   performing a "make install" or a "make uninstall".  To install/uninstall the
   headers, use "make install-headers" and "make uninstall-headers".  The headers
   also continue to be uninstalled when performing a "make uninstall-all".

Thanks for your reply, I will follow.

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