Unimrcp with Asterisk problem


I m trying to install Unimrcp with Asterisk 17.1.0 on CentOS 7. And i m receiving error:

“checking for pkg-config… /usr/bin/pkg-config
configure: UniMRCP configuration
configure: Asterisk configuration
configure: error: Could not find asterisk.h, make sure Asterisk development package is installed”

Where i can find this Asterisk Develepment package and download it? Thanks a lot.

The same place you found the Asterisk runtime package. The Asterisk project, itself, doesn’t provide packages.

Building and installing Asterisk from source would place it in /usr/include/asterisk.h, by default.

Thank you, i m moved this file there manually, but then i receive another error…

configure: error: Could not find Asterisk include directory

Anyone know how resolve this?

The default location for that would be /usr/include/asterisk.

However, if the files are present in different places, you should really be asking the Unimrcp people how to use their configure script, rather than moving them around.

Thank you a lot! I moved asterisk folder from /home/asterisk/build/asterisk-17.1.0/include to /usr/include and all compiled without any error.

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