Channel D Monitoring

I have an Ubuntu Desktop running asterisk 1.6 and dahdi.
I want to monitor channel d because sometimes my channels are down and i want to receive some e-mail or text message when that happens. Is it possible to do that?


Bit concerened that you are runner asterisk on a desktop os hopefully xserver is shutdown.

as to monitoring you need to use nagios or the like to check the status

Can’t I do a shell script to do some monitoring to the Channel D, and in some cases it can alert me by email? If anyone could help me with the script, maybe i can run a job in cron to run that script at the time i define and if something is wrong (in alert for example) it sends me an email, or sms…

Regards, JS

You could use an script and a cron job, in combination with the command dahdi show channels, if your channels are up usually the output will be

asteriskCLI> dahdi show channels
Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret
pseudo default default
1 from-pstn de default
2 from-pstn de default
3 from-pstn de default
4 from-pstn de default
5 from-pstn de default
6 from-pstn de default
7 from-pstn de default
8 from-pstn de default
9 from-pstn de default
10 from-pstn de default
11 from-pstn de default
12 from-pstn de default

if your the output is different then your script should send an email

Channel D is is not an Asterisk channel. It is the signalling channel on ISDN.

(As such one needs to be a lot more precise about what information one wants to extract from it. Asterisk won’t provide for monitoring the raw channel, except as debug logging.)