Dahdi trunk isdn presence (hints)


We have upgraded from asterisk 2.3.0 to asterisk 10.5.1/dahdi 2.6.1

With, we could monitor isdn dadhi trunk channels (B410P card) state with :

exten=> 00001,hint,DAHDI/1
exten=> 00002,hint,DAHDI/2
exten=> 00003,hint,DAHDI/4
exten=> 00004,hint,DAHDI/5

LEDs turned on , on polycoms when B channels got busy.

Sine the upgrade to 10.5.1, the monitoring of isdn dahdi trunk channels doesn’t work any more.

core show hints always says “State:Idle”

The monitoring of other channel types ( sip , analog dahdi ) works fine on both versions.

Has anyone had this kind of problem ?