Changing queue caller priority while ringing agent

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question.
I have been learning a lot about the Asterisk queue function lately.

My Questions.

Let’s say we have the queue sales.

Active calls waiting for sales

  • caller 1
  • caller 2
  • caller 3

The current agent is being ringed, but while ringing we’ll for example update the list priority through the Asterisk AMI QueueChangePriorityCaller.

The new list will be

  • caller 3
  • caller 1
  • caller 2

After this, the agent picks up.

Will the agent be picking up the new list priority or the old one?

Thank you.


If the agent is being rung, it is with a specific call. Changing the priority of that call will not cause the ringing to stop and the priorities to be re-evaluated.

The implementation of Queue is that calls find and ring agents, rather than that free agents start ringing if there are any calls available.

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