chan_spy how to get that working?

Ok, we are running a callcenter with asterisk (70 seats) and since the E1 was connected to the asterisk machine of the callcenter, I used zapscan and zapbarge for our supervisors to listen to the agents.
Now we have asterisk companywide and the 3 E1s are no longer directly on our callcenter machine, so zapscan and barge do not work anymore.
But there is chan_spy. I read that it was out of the CVS tree and now is back in, but I can not figure out, how to get it installed on my * server.
I have to say, that I am using Gentoo, so I emerge asterisk (1.08), but since I am not a Linux guru (I am more a communication guy), I dont know how to manually incorporate chan_spy.
Is there any possibility to make chan_spy work on my machine. Oh, I used ebuild to manually fetch and unpack the sources, I could not even find chan_spy.c, so now I dont know, how to continue.
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Henri Rodat

Really no one knows, how this is done? Please, my supervisors are getting mad at me


sorry, this is the first i heard of chan_spy. when you find out let me know. I will do a little searching as well.