[HELP] Asterisk and chan-spy

I’ve faced a problem, which I can’t see any obvious solution for. When we try to listen a conversation between A and B we can hear only inaudible noises at the end connected to the chan-spy. This is only a problem if either A or B, or the spy is softphone (IAX2 based). It seems that the chan-spy can’t convert the packets received from slinear to the requested format.
Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve got the same, but little different. If I use phone using IAX2 to spy the voice is discontinuous. If any of the calling parties using IAX2 and the spy too the spying make all of the lines discontinuous. If i switch on the jutterbuffer with force it solve the problem but the spying party got a 500ms delay.

Hi I’m trying to run the chanspy application in my asterisk server. I can see that some of you have been using this application for a while.

Can you tell me almost step by stop how can i make this work.

I am running asterisk@home 1.5 with asterisk 1.0.9.

I apréciate your help.