chan_modem and Debian stable

The current version of Asterisk (1.0.7) that is in Debian 3.1 (Sarge), the latest stable release of Debian, seems to have a problem in with the modem channel .

The problem is, that it doesn’t seem to be able to initialize the ISDN card properly, which causes the MSNs not to be properly registered. This results in calls from the ISDN card having the default caller-id and causes calls to the configured MSNs to be ignored.

The configuration files I use worked without problems on a custom Slackware set-up, so that seems to be OK.

The reason I’m not compiling from source is, that I’ve been having several problems compiling Asterisk for i586. (For more info: GCC Bug #25912)

Is anyone aware of this problem already? Is there a known fix in more recent Asterisk versions? Otherwise, what should I do to gain more information about the problem?