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I have installed * 1.2.0 and was able to rebuild everything without a problem but when I start * then it gives me an error “Loading chan_modem failed” because that file does not exists in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules.

Any idea why it would not have been build?

Actually no chan_modem* files exists in that directory. I just did a make clean make install again and nothing.

I mean how easy could it be? Did a clean Fedora 3 install, ran the up2date because Asterisk 1.2.0 won’t build on just the Fedora 3 ISO - and yes I did select all the development modules to be installed -and it builds after the update, restarted the machine, went through the Asterisk setup according to the website. But I get different problems everytime. What should be a less than 2 hour setup takes days.

Very inconsistent experience I had with it in my 11 months working with it. And that is Linux I dont think it is *. Isn’t there an Asterisk for Windows?

Anybody else had the same experience?

Edit modules.conf and make it noload

That module is no longer required for 1.2

Thank you. Did you read it in the readme file or somewhere? Reason I ask is because I did not see anything and am I the only one who ran into this problem?

I tried the noload and tried to comment it out but still the same error.


noload =>


It seems that I would not be able to take my old conf files and just copy them over, I would have to make samples again and modify the necessary ones accordingly - phew a lot of work.

My apologies it did work, I modified modules.conf in my backup folder instead of the one in etc/asterisk :smile:

Thanks again.