[chan_dongle] chan_dongle on a remote server


Please can I use chan_dongle on a remote server?

If yes, please how can I go about that.


Yes, why not? If you are able to plug-in an usb device.

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even on AWS (Amazon Web Services) ?

As I wrote. If you are able tovplugin usb device. But in this case probably not. You should install new asterisk inatance and connect via sip trunk to asterisk on aws cloud

Yes Thank you.

But will we be able to use the chan_dongle module?
Sorry but I do not really get how it will work
please explain… Thanks once again

What you need from chan_dongle? Make and answer calls? If yes then install Asterisk on aws and locally. Asterisk wchich be locally will be your gsm gateway. Both asterisk you connect with sip trunk. And its all

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This appears to be a continuation of How to send SMS using Asterisk

The important thing for you SMS gateway is the dongle. You need physical access to the server for that.

My feeling is that you are trying to avoid paying for a service without actually understanding enough about how the service works.