Chan_dongle in Asterisk

Hello Guys,

I am new in asterisk and trying to configure Chan_dongle module on Asterisk 16, but seems the module is not pre-configured in Asterisk. i have followed some instructions to do so, but at some point along the path it failed due to incompatibility.

My asterisk is installed on Ubuntu 18. i need this to work so i can pass calls via a 3G dongle.

I used this before

Rodrigue Wilfried TIANI TCHOUILO


Tél : 00 237 655 434 413

   00 237 676 938 360

will it work with Asterisk 16?

chan_dongle is a community supported module, so support on this forum will be very limited. A quick search suggests that the correct place for support is!forum/chan_dongle

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Thanks for tip. i will check it out.

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