Asterisk chan_dongle huawei graphical interface to sms massi

Hi all…I’ve written an article on my website that cover the installation of a Centos Server + Asterisk PBX + chan_dongle + a graphical interface to massive sms sendig

I call it SMS BOOSTER …. nice …isn’t it ?

the system accept a CSV file with cell numbers and an edit field for the text message…

i hope you could enjoy it

P.S. i have also modified the GUI to accept single cell numbers on this article too

Thanks for suggestions or improvements
Simone Palomba
Ceriale (SV)

@simone686 Hello!
This link is not valid …
Can you share the current link?

Article if think is lost on old website version…give me your mail…i’ll send you code…
Are you skilled to manage dongle/http/asterisk ?

<< Are you skilled to manage dongle / http / asterisk?
But I can handle it! )))
Thanks in advance! )

I am find it - it is older

I found old’s site backup…please check…