Chaining System Recordings Missing (recursion)

Hello All;

We are upgrading to Version 11.10.

In Version 1.2.18 you could make a custom recording that included
a different custom recording as part of it.

For example, using the following definitions:
R1x: Thank you for calling
R1a: thank you for calling queue 1.
R1b: thank you for calling queue 2

R2: Our normal hours of operation are…blah blah blah
R3: but we will be closed Friday July 3 for Independence day.

Because each department has their own greeting, It makes sense to add
the hours message in R2 to each of the R1x so that each department
using R1 gets our common hours from R2.

If I add a recording to R2, it should propagate into the R1x messages.

In the earlier version this worked imprfectly (you had to follow this by
re-adding R1x to each queue after making a change. )

In the new version, adding a system recording to another one
only adds the file, not the system recording (with multiple files)

This lets me add a custom holiday message globally, so I really want it back.

Is this a bug?


I’m not sure what you are attempting to do here,

If you call Playback or Background you can specify multiple files to be played by chaining them together with the & Character.

Such as:


This would play the file do-not-disturb in any available format followed by the file enabled.


This would play the file do-not-disturb in any available format followed by the file disabled.

In your example you could do a:


The Record application in 13 does support an ‘a’ option that would let you append to the recording, So you could record ‘Thank you for calling’ in one recording session and then record ‘Our Hours Are’ in a second recording session but personally I would do it with multiple recorded files chained together like above.