Play-record-save, wash-rinse-repeat

Here is what I am proposing:

A answering machine system that will:

  1. Play a message
  2. Record a message
  3. Save that message to my harddrive
    3.5. Prompt the caller to leave a message after a beep.
  4. Use the saved message as the next message to be played in number 1.

So it is a sort of a cyclical process, I would like to have caller X ring in and have it automatically go to answer machine, have the caller listen to the message, then be prompted to created the next message.

Do you think this is possible, if so can you point me in a good direction?

Hi Yep

exten => 511,1,Answer
exten => 511,n,Playback(prompt99)
exten => 511,n,Playback(prompt100)
exten => 511,n,Playback(beep)
exten => 511,n,Record,prompt100:gsm
exten => 511,n,Hangup()

sort of like that prompt99 is a prompt that tells the caller to listen to the following message and then after the beep record their own message
prompt100 is their message

I assume this will work on trixbox, is that correct?

further where should I implement this in the code, what conf file, and where?


It Should.