CentOS or Slackware?

What is your favorite flavor?

  • CentOS
  • Slackware

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Hello all,

I’m going to be playing with some new flavors (to me) of Linux - the two most popular around here seem to be CentOS and Slackware. For a stable production asterisk box, which would you pick (and why, if you wouldn’t mind my asking).

Currently, we use Fedora Core 4, and have been largely happy with it’s performance. But I’m looking down the road at having an Asterisk-optimized system (going so far as to customize the kernel), and wanted to know what everyone’s thoughts were.

By the way, if you have another favorite distro, let me know - these are the two that seem to be used the most frequently.

On a slightly parallel note, has anyone seen or heard of any Asterisk-specific distros out there? AstLinux comes to mind, as does the Pound Key project, but there isn’t much data on either when it comes to reliability and scalability…just thought I’d ask.

Thanks a ton.


well, AAH uses centos 4.3. dunno if that’s okay by you, some seem to hate the idea of AAH (perception that it’s a beginner’s asterisk?)

I like Slackware for Asterisk since the install is so easy. You can use something like checkinstall asic-linux.com.mx/~izto/checkinstall/ if you want to make slack packages but persoinally I don’t bother with that.

Slackware all the way! We have over 30 total servers installed at our companies that all run Slackware, it is much more basic without a lot of custom processor control utilities and other “junk” like CentOS, Suse and Redhat put into their distros. It is geared towards people like me who always build and compile applications from source, although pre-compiled Linux binaries run just fine on Slackware too.

One small issue with CentOS that we have heard from several people is the problem with process throttling on heavily loaded systems. Three companies that I have delt with had issues with running some applications(astGUIclient/VICIDIAL) under CentOS, and when they switched to another distro their problems went away. This doesn’t mean that Asterisk and astGUIclient won’t run on CentOS, just that three non-connected companies all had the same problem.

How About Debian-3.1?
does anyone tried Debian as a server in a production?
What is you comment about debian when it come to its server performance?
And Most Important debian performance with asterisk?

Please reply:)

I used to use red hat 9 and then fedora. Some one showed CentOS and I am hooked. I use it for all my servers (asterisk and others). It’s RHLE without the serial number and the fee.

How about Debian-3.1?


I have deployed on both Debian an Ubuntu(server install) with no problems.


ok thanks ianplain!