Cellphone Bluetooth Gateway

:bulb: Another Bluetooth Idea. :bulb:

Let’s say a business has several employees in the field all with a cell phone. If a person in the office needs to contact a field agent they use a cell phone because the plan allows free Cell to Cell minutes.

This is where Asterisk comes in ….

Is it possible to configure a Trunk that is attached to a Cell phone via a Bluetooth interface?

One could then configure a dial plan that redirects all calls destined for the field agents through the cell phone trunk.

I have seen similar hardware devices but think it would be a great addition to Asterisk if there was some type of gateway driver created.


You can do it with a dock-n-talk or cell socket device, just hook one up to an FXO.

ore via chan_bluetooth
o via miax(mobile iax - client over bluetoth)