Cell phone as inbound line (XLink BTTN->Realtone WSS8-4FXO)

I’ve been looking for a means of linking a couple cellphones into Asterisk. ala, let the phones charge on the counter at home, and have them available everywhere.

Looking to get an opinion if this would be a solution. (I can’t use any cards (Digium etc,) as my server is a 2U server and can’t fit full height cards.)

Been searching and was thinking this may work: XLink BTTN (bluetooth to analog phone interface) with the output analog lines into a Realtone WSS8-4FXO gateway.

I’m a newbe and looking for help. Anything better?



Ok, I deserve it before you post the ‘you need to research more’. I didn’t know there was a chan_mobile driver. Reading right now. But would the option I described work?