Can I do this with Asterisk? Cell gateway and WAN access

Hello everybody!

I’ve been kinda learning about Asterisk for years now but never had the chance to actually setup a system. Now I have a project for a client and would love to finally use Asterisk but I could use a lot of guiding even before I send him a budget for this.

I would need to setup a server with an 8-port card to connect 2 PSTN lines and 4 cellular gateways so, I’m guessing 2 FXO and 4 FXS? Hope I got that right :blush:

Also, the client has to be able to make/receive calls remotely (from his office across town from the server) using either his desktop SIP phone or mobile SIP app (Zoipper or whatever) but also, make phones from their computers by dialing by clicking on links in his web application.

I’ve done some research on the latest and I think that is doable by using a javascript “app” like sipHTML5, ctxML5, JsSIP. Am I correct?

An I missing something? Also, if I could get some advice on which card to buy, which javascript app to use, etc I would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!!!