cdr_tds not connect to sql with asterisk

Good evening, how are you?, I have one question, would need to connect the Asterisk CDR with sql server 2008, when loading the module get the following error:

[Mar 16 22:12:29] ERROR [20605]: cdr_tds.c: 405 tds_error_handler: Unable to connect: Adaptive Server is unavailable or does not exist (20009)
[Mar 16 22:12:29] ERROR [20605]: cdr_tds.c: 408 tds_error_handler: Operation now in progress (115)
[Mar 16 22:12:29] ERROR [20605]: cdr_tds.c: 350 mssql_connect: Unable to connect to …

Now, if I connect to the console TSQL works perfect.
They happen to be?, asterisk version is

example. TSQL-H server-p 1095-U asterisk

Thank you very much