Asterisk 16.27 and CDR-SQL

Hi all, i have my asterisk and i configuration the CDR on SQL.
The DB is updated and every call is add on DB, but when i see the log/message i have this:

[2024-06-05 07:42:04] ERROR[24217] cdr_odbc.c: CDR direct execute failed
[2024-06-05 07:42:13] WARNING[24217] cdr_odbc.c: cdr_odbc: Error in ExecDirect: -1, query is: INSERT INTO cdr01 (calldate,clid,src,dst,dcontext,channel,dstchannel,lastapp,lastdata,duration,billsec,disposition,amaflags,accountcode,uniqueid,userfield,peeraccount,linkedid,sequence) VALUES ({ts ‘2024-06-05 07:42:10’},?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)

What i see for resolve the problem?

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