Can't use the '*' before any extensions!

Hi all!

Just started Asterisk as a new project in our company.

I can pretty much configure all the functions that we need but for odd reasons, I can’t get them to start with an ‘*’.

exten => 69,1,Goto(app-trace-call,s,1)

That would work if I press 69 on my phone. But we want to configure the functions as the telco, with the ‘*’ before. Therefore, when I do:

exten => *69,1,Goto(app-trace-call,s,1)

It doesn’t work! I hear a fast busy… I don’t understand, it works fine with AAH…So I know it’s possible!

Does anyone have a clue? It would be greatly appreciated!


Nevermind folks!

I’ve found where my error resides… It was in my DigitMaps of my gateway (Mediatrix 1124).

I was so focus on the Dialplan… couldn’t see anything else…

Thank’s anyways!