[RESO] Using '99' for application works, using '*99', doesnt



Has anybody seen this before, I cannot use the ‘*’ char as an extension/application prefixin extensions.conf?

The same is true for using text (i.e. I have Queue-806 defined but asterisk say’s it doesn’t exist? Change it to just 806, and it see’s it immediatley???)

Please help



It’s got nothing to do with Asterisk. I use extension numbers starting with a star and have never had any problem with is. Have a read of your phone’s manual and you’ll probably find that your phone is intercepting those for some purpose. It should be simple to change that behaviour.

I don’t understand what your “Queue-806” bit is about!

This is both through SJ Phone (PC Sip) & a grandstream 486.

I don’t think this is anything to do with the phones, as this used to work in a previous version of *.

The issue of “Named” functions in extensions.conf appears for macro’s alos, i.e. it cannot recognise anything that is not a pur number i.e.

exten => 100, … Works
exten => *100 / #100 / wakeup / etc … don’t

Any ideas’s



Well, i’m using Asterisk v1-2-0-beta1-10/13/05 and extension numbers starting with a * work perfectly for me - using either my Grandstream BudgeTone 101 or SJphone.

AH well it was my config, although I think it could still be a bug…

In my dialplan, I was doing an initial check on:

exten => _X.,[Do some logging stuff]

This allowed ALL numbers through, but stopped “*”, “#”, and text names, I changed it to:

exten => _., [Do some…

And although asterisk gives me a warning that this is bad practice, it works fine



How can it possbly be a bug when your dialplan was configured not to recognise it?

What logging stuff are you doing that you can’t do with Asterisk’s built-in ability to do custom cdr logging?


I am fairly new to Asterisk (Although not to programming or Linux), I was under the impression that _X. matched ALL, rather than just numbers - Obviously I was wrong.

Re the logging ‘stuff’, I am attempting to us Asterisk as a form of “High Security” authentication server (somewhat a pet project, although there is the possibility of this having a commercial value!) - Therefore I am launching an external process to fire up some C code that interfaces to LDAP/Kerberos/and others.

I am sure there are probably better ways of doing what I want with Asterisk, but as I said, I am pretty new to the product (although learning fast!!!)

Thanks for the advise



These are the valid pattern matching variables and their meanings:

X matches any digit from 0-9
Z matches any digit form 1-9
N matches any digit from 2-9
[1237-9] matches any digit or letter in the brackets (in this example, 1,2,3,7,8,9)
. wildcard, matches one or more characters

So if you wanted to match an extension name starting with any letter, you would have to use _[A-Za-z].